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Vastu Designs


Create vibrant spaces that nurture happiness, career, abundance, harmony & health!

A Vastu consultation provides practical solutions and tools that effectively and efficiently eliminate obstacles that create an imbalance in your home and office.

Once your space is balanced, you will feel stronger and healthier, more productive, experience more success in your relationships, feel more prosperous in your career and experience the positive support of nature.

Vastu for Home and Office

  • Brings your home & office into a state of ease & balance

  • Creates harmony using Vastu solutions & tools

  • Avoids renovations which itself can create stress

"A human being should live in a space which is charged with a certain energy which will naturally push him upward. Not something that traps him into the ways of life, but something that constantly helps him transcend. It's very important that you create the right kind of space around you so that you live well."


Initial visit : $150 (1.5hours)

(additional $150/hour)


The property size & complexity determine the consult's length.  



I am an Ayurvedic and

Vastu consultant who studied with Deepak Chopra, Dr. Vasant Lad, Sadhguru and Micheal Mastro from  the American Institute of Vastu.

I would be honoured to guide, help, and support you in your journey to optimal well-being.

The Vedic Sister Sciences: Vastu, Ayurveda  and Jyotish

These ancient sciences from India work synergistically to transform your life…

The Vedas are an ancient system of ultimate knowledge; a compendium of all that is known and unknown in the universe. Within the Vedas is Atharvaveda, which focuses on improving the quality of one's life. Within Atharvaveda are three powerful sciences that can change your life:

Vastu Shastra – the science of building in harmony with nature
Ayurveda – the science of healing and medicine

Jyotish - Vedic astrology

Also within this same area of the Vedas you find yoga, meditation and martial arts.

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